After isolation period, face-to-face meetings should be slowly restablished. Isolation should be a temporary measure.


Children mental health and well-being should be constantly assessed by carer. Look for community and authorities help always when in need. 



Mental health and well-being is an important issue at this moment and should not be neglected. 

We encourage autonomy and freedom of communication. Children should learn and have  independent means to contact friends and family.

Raizes Brasileiras will teach them to access skype, hangout, and zoom calls. 

Parents should setup technology and grant supervised and free access to computer and phones to their children.

Only during isolation period:


  • classes will be scheduled online by Zoom; 

  • online interaction with students will be encourage;

  • Reading and projects will be presented through videos, power point and other means;

  • teacher will explore online tools and videos with creativities;

  • Register for our online platform.

  • Our teachers have Bluecard,

  • Classes recordings are only available be watched on our "Lerening platform" , restricted to members only and not available for download.

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