Each class has two joined workshops:


Writing and translating workshop:

Here we focus on reading and writing, while learning and discussing about different interesting topics brought by the children and teacher. Children are encoraged to interact exclusively in Portuguese, proposing, creating and critically discussing several subjects. The teacher enhance the bilingual identity among the group, while motivating the exclusive use of Portuguese and developing their natural translation skills. It is very important that the children have a medium/high proficiency of oral Portuguese to attend this workshop

Cultural and artistic workshop:

This seccion focus on one different area each term. Here children experience Brazilian culture and arts in a Portuguese language immersion. Classes of capoeira, soccer, games, drawing, theater, etc. are taught in Portuguese by expert teachers in the area. Considering immersion an effective way to learn languages, this couse is designed for children in all levels of proficiency. Catched by the interest in developing several cultural and artistical activities, children feel motivated to communicate, understand, and be understood. All levels are welcome. Children who are not orally fluent in Portuguese and are older than 7 are encoraged to enrol separately in this workshop.

Meetings are Saturdays forthnightly 2:30 - 5pm 

Universo do Escrever e Fazer (7 years and older)

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    • Classes not attended by the child will not be reimbursed.
    • Sorry, we do not have make up classes, but we are happy to send you the content studied in class and the homework for the day.
    • We refund total amount only before the second class your child would attend.
    • If you need to cancel after the second classe, you need to give a four-week notice (2 classes in advance).Only classes not attended, after four weeks, will be refunded.
    • At the enrolment you pay an single annual fee of AU$95 that covers the material and insurance for the year.

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