In this course is designed to adults in a relationship with a Brazilian person or raising bilingual Brazilian children. Learning your children's languages motivate them to keep up learning and allow you to immerge in his/her world. Relating with your partner and his/her family require cultural and linguistic understandings that this course focus to offer you.

Portuguese for adults

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    • Classes not attended by the child will not be reimbursed.
    • Sorry, we do not have make up classes, but we are happy to send you the content studied in class and the homework for the day.
    • We refund total amount only before the second class your child would attend.
    • If you need to cancel after the second classe, you need to give a four-week notice (2 classes in advance).Only classes not attended, after four weeks, will be refunded.
    • At the enrolment you pay an single annual fee of AU$95 that covers the material and insurance for the year.

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