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School-age children

Portuguese as a second language

Fortnightly meetings Term: AU$165

Weekly meentings (Term): AU$265
Saturdays, 1:30pm-3hpm

10, Moreton St. Paddington

Tx de inscrição: AU$50

School-age children

Portuguese as a heritage language

Fornightly meetings
Saturdays, 3:15-4h45pm
10, Moreton St. Paddington
Term: AU$165

Subscription fee: AU$50

Parents of bilingual children are very welcome


Weekly meetings
Saturdays, 1:30-3pm
Public Library
Term: AU$260

Pre-school age children (2-4 years-old)

Portuguese as a heritage language

More details will be offered in December/2016

Please, email to put your child in the waiting list of 2017.


Limited vacancy

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10, Moreton st. Paddington

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