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Private Classes
Online lessons (one-on-one via Zoom)
  • Portuguese, Spanish, or English ESL (Adults) - AU$200 (4 lessons)
  • Portuguese, Spanish, or English ESL (children) - AU$240 (4 lessons)
  • Literacy (Portuguese) or Primary School Tutoring - AU$240 (4 lessons)
  • Exam prep (IB Portuguese Language B & Celpe-Bras) - AU$340  (4 lessons)
Face-to-face lessons (Available in North Brisbane only)
  • Language lessons for children (private & small groups)/ primary school tutoring  - AU$340 (4 lessons)
  • Nanny or personal education (young children) - AU$ 40 (school hours) or AU$60 (after-school hours)
Fill out the form, and Lilian will contact you to schedule your first session.
You can request a trial of 30 minutes before completing payment. 
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