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Playgroup Educativo

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Playgroup Educativo enrollment
  1. Total fee:  Annual fee (AU$50) + Term fee (AU$45) 

  2. Siblings have 10% of discount on the term fee.

  3. Single classes must be paid online. If you pay at the day to the teacher, an extra AU$5 fee will apply.

Pay by bank transfer


Playgroup Educativo (one child)

50 + 45= AU$95 


Playgroup Educativo (two children)

100 + 85 = AU$185 


Playgroup Educativo (three children)

150 + 125= AU$275 


Playgroup Educativo (single meeting)

AU$15 per child  per meeting


To guarantee your child's enrolment, deposit the total fee as described above

(annual fee + term):


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