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Playgroup Educativo

After filling up the form, complete enrollment by paying the annual fee and the term fee.

Select the course you want to enroll your child.

Pay with Paypal (AU$10 fee applies) or deposit the total fee in the bank account bellow 

Playgroup Educativo enrollment
  1. Total fee:  Annual fee (AU$50) + Term fee (AU$45) 

  2. Siblings have 10% of discount on the term fee.

  3. Members of ABRASSO will have AU$5 discount on the next payment. Please send your membership certificate along with your payment confirmation or before the term starts.

  4. If you choose to pay using Paypal a Paypal fee of AU$10 will apply, if you DON'T WANT TO PAY THIS FEE, choose to deposit by BANK TRANSFER.

Pay with Paypal


Playgroup Educativo (one child)

50 + 45= AU$95 (+AU$10 Paypal fee)


Playgroup Educativo (two children)

100 + 85 = AU$185 (+AU$10 Paypal fee)


Playgroup Educativo (three children)

150 + 125= AU$275 (+AU$10 Paypal fee)

Pay by bank transfer


To guarantee your child's enrolment, deposit the total fee as described above

(annual fee + term):


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