Become a teacher at Raízes Brasileiras

You can apply for teaching at Raízes Brasileiras if you:

  • have experience in teaching or early learning education, or are studying to become a teacher;

  • have taken heritage language teaching training courses (offered by Raízes Brasileiras, Ethnic School Association, and some national and international higher education programs);

  • have taken online-teaching trainings (for online classes);

  • know an expertise that can be taught to our students through community-based projects (for those who are not an experienced teacher, you can teach your area of expertise with the educational support of our coordinator);

  • have at least 2 terms of experience in class, as a volunteer teaching assistant;

  • if you want to offer classes of your own expertise in Portuguese through Raizes Brasileiras, you need to deliver two experimental class to our existing group in a time different from their scheduled classes;

  • are committed, responsible, and caring with students, parents and co-workers.

You will be hired as a casual contractor, therefore you must:

  • have your own ABN

  • hold a Paid Blue Card (if you want to get paid) or Volunteer Bluecard (if you want to be a volunteer.

  • be a registered member of ABRASSO or hold your own public liability

  • commit to plan and deliver classes, to assess students, report to coordinator and parents.

Write to us. Introduce yourself, and tell us why you would like to be part of our team. 

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