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The project "Raizes Brasileiras", affiliated to ABRASSO,  provides a language immersion learning environment for children  interested in maintaining and learning Portuguese language and Brazilian culture.

Coordinated by Dr Lilian Fleuri, Raízes Brasileiras is a project carried out by Brazilian parents and professional teachers interested in supporting a bilingual identity of their children.


The role of project Raízes Brasileiras is to foster community-based educational activities to promote language maintenance, bilingual identity, and community union.

Courses 2020

The pathway to become fully bilingual at the age of eight:

Universo do


(1 - 3 years-old)

UD explores parent and child connections in Portuguese. Teacher and classmates represent the child's Portuguese speaking real world.  Parent: only speak Portuguese to her. Always.

Universo do Brincar

(4 - 7 years-old)

At UB children understand that Portuguese is a social language. to interact with other role model adults and their mates. Parents: keep speaking Portuguese, even when they reply in English.

Universo do Escrever

(8 - 12 years-old)

At UE children consolidate their bilingual identity and skills, while are introduced to the written world.  Here they expand their vocabulary and refine grammar. Parent: communicate in written.

Universo do Adquirir

(+8 Portuguese L2)

At UA children learn step-by-step how to speak Portuguese.  Children from every cultural background are welcome. Classes are every week. 

Universo do Descobrir

Age: 1- 3 years old (parents must be in class)

Babies and toddlers are at their pick of language learning skills.  By mediating the interaction in Portuguese, teachers guide parents and toddlers to relate in their home language. The ultimate goal of this group, for a child that starts at the age of 1 and moves on to Universo do Brincar at the age of 4, is that this child will have established a Portuguese-speaking identity to their parents and their peers. They need to receive lots of input in Portuguese from parents, extended family and the Brazilian community to feel comfortable to speak fluently by the age of 4. At this group,  Portuguese language is offered through music, stories, games, arts, and and sensory activities. 

Day: Saturdays fortnightly at 117 Mina Parade. Alderley

Cost per term: AU$ 80

Starts on 2/Feb. 9 - 10am

Casual classes: AU$25 

Universo do Brincar

Age: 4 - 7 years old
At this age, children become more sociable and communicate with other children through playing. Teachers at this group stimulate communication in Portuguese, creativity, and imagination through games, stories, music, arts, drama, and dance, developing a bilingual identity between children and their peers. This course welcomes children from every level of oral Portuguese. At this level, literacy will start to be introduced as homework or classroom activities to older children.

Day: Saturdays forthnightly

Cost per term: AU$ 100

Starts on  2/Feb.,

  • 10:15 - 11:15 am at 117 Mina Parade. Alderley or

  • 2:00 - 3:00 pm at 247 Simpson rd. Bardon

Casual class: AU$40

Universo do Escrever e Workshops

Age: 8 to 12 years-old

Universo do Escrever is for children orally proficient in Portuguese. They must be already literate at least in English.

The focus of this course is on increasing vocabulary and expressions in Portuguese and practice reading and writing. Brazilian literature, culture, history, geography and other areas are debated in this course. Children are encoraged to interact exclusively in Portuguese, proposing, creating and critically discussing several subjects.

Workshops in Portuguese are offered by parents, expert professionals with interest to teach new skills to our children in Portuguese. These workshops make children experience Portuguese language in diverse ways, naturally increasing their vocabulary and improving their fluency. Catched by the interest in developing several cultural and artistical activities, children feel motivated to communicate, understand, and be understood.

Contact us to know more about the workshops offered in 2019 !

Day: Saturdays forthnightly

Cost per term: AU$130 (includes all workshops and classes)

Starts on  2/Feb., 3:15 - 4:45pm,

Where: 247 Simpson rd. Bardon

Casual class: AU$50 (1.5 hour)

Universo do Adquirir

Age: 7 years and older (must be literated)
This course is designed to children who are learning Portuguese for the first time or who still have difficulties in understanding and speaking Portuguese. Here s/he  will learn to acquire a second language, using methods of memorization and guided communication. The groups are small and classes are every Saturday.

Day: Saturdays forthnightly

Cost: AU$ 250

Starts on  2/Feb., 11:30am - 13:30pm

Where: 117 Mina Parade, Alderley, Brisbane.

No casual classes for this group.

Portuguese for parents and partners of Brazilians

Age: adults
In this course is designed to adults in a relationship with a Brazilian person or raising bilingual Brazilian children. Learning your children's languages motivate them to keep up learning and allow you to deepen into their world. This course also offers you cultural and linguistic discussions, necessary to understand your Brazilian family and friends.

Day: Thursday, 6:30 -  8:30pm fortnightly 

Cost per term: AU$ 200 

Level: Beginner and Intermediate

Where: 117 Mina Parade, Alderley, Brisbane.

One level per year.

Teacher and coordinator will assess and place you in the correct level.

Additional private lessons can be arranged on an extra cost of AU$50 per hour.

Projeto Raízes Brasileiras

affiliated to ABRASSO Inc.

10, Moreton st. Paddington

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