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Enrolment Form Groups

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Playgroup Educativo (face-to-face)

Universo do Brincar (face-to-face)

Universo do Escrever (face-to-face)

Bilingual Drama (face-to-face)

Hora da Leitura (online delivery) - these classes are free for children enrolled in any of the face-to-face groups mentioned above. 

Hora da Escrita (online delivery) - these classes are free for children 9+ year-old enrolled in Universo do Escrever.

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Raízes Brasileiras is a community of bilingual and multicultural families.


We understand that Brazilian language and culture are part of our identity. Through Portuguese we interact and connect, and we educate together our children.  



Participate in this community funding the project yourself, but also actively participating in Raízes educational and community activities

Please, let us know how you would like to voluntarily participate.



Participate in education

Timetable & Events calendar

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