Enrolment Form: Private & IB Classes

Fill up enrollment form bellow, press sendclick on the button to "proceed for payment".

PRIVATE LANGUAGE CLASSES (Portuguese, Spanish or English ESL) & IB LESSONS:
They are one-on-one online classes. Fill up the form and we will contact you to schedule your first session. You can request a trial before completing payment. 
INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (IB) - Portuguese Lessons with qualified teachers for teaching IB classes: AU$ 80 (casual) or AU$ 300 (package of 4 classe) 
PRIVATE CLASSES (Português/Español/English as a Second Language):
One level is equivalent to 30 hours of class. If you like to commit to move your level from basic to intermediate, or from intermediate to advanced, we recommend you to get a 30-lesson package. It makes you commit and it is cheaper after all. 
  • Casual classes:  AU$ 60 (casual)
  • 4-hour package: AU$ 150
  • 30-hours package: AU$900
​Each hour of class with a teacher requires 2 hours of committed independent study.
Private classes are online through Zoom. They honestly work better, in most of cases, than in-presence one-o-one classes. 

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