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Enrolment Form: Seminars & Consultation

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Dr Lilian Fleuri holds a PhD in Linguistics and casually lectures Latin American Studies at the University of Queensland. Dr Fleuri has publications in linguistics and cultural studies. Her area of specialization is on heritage language teaching, maintenance & language acquisition.

Dr Fleuri has over 20 years of experience as a language teacher, language school coordinator, and linguistic researcher. In Australia, she has 10 years of experience raising her own trilingual children, founding and directing Raizes Brasileiras community language school & volunteering at ABRASSO as the coordinator of the Educational board of representative and president (2017-2020). 


A heritage language consultant is responsible to guide & give consultation to families, who want to raise bilingual children, and communities & non-for-profit organizations, who want to start their community language school.  

  • First family consultation: collect info, observe, inform, and provide a brief report on how to proceed. 

  • Follow-ups: work with the family and communities to guide them towards their goals.

  • Rates:

    • first Family consultation (+assessment and report): AU$150

    • Follow-ups: AU$80

  • Seminar or workshop: AU$150 ( 30min - 1 hour)

  • Community consultation: contact us for a quote.

After filling the form, we will contact you to book the first consultation, and an invoice with instructions will be sent by e-mail. 

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