Any parent, who has a special skill and can teach, is welcome offer a 2 hours workshop. You can offer for free or charge a small fee in addition to the room and public liability fees. This is a great opportunity to pass on to the children and parents something you love. It is also an excellent opportunity for our kids to hear other accents in Portuguese and practice language in a real context of communication. Some suggestion of workshops are (but not limited to):
Cooking, gymnastics, dance, theatre, crafts, toys making, origami, sports, singing, capoeira, etc.

Library and Librarian

We need our children to read in Portuguese. To motivate it, they have to be surrounded by different types of Brazilian/Portuguese literature. Nothing better than a library to offer this variaty of books. Any parent, who is organized and with positive attitudes, is welcome to take the initiative to start a community library. It can be a virtual or phisical library. The books can be donated by parents or by private and/or governmental institutions.

Event's organizer and helpers

Every one likes a good party, specially Brazilians. Brazil is famous for its carnival and festa junina. Any group of parent is welcome to organize these activities, motivanting all the parents and students to participate. To organize any event, it will be necessary to have people to contact performers, get licences, find a hall or park to do the party, make the party decoration, make the food, sell the drinks/food. Any money collected during the event will be directed to the organizers and to cover the costs with the party.


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