Community-based activities 2019

Organise your year:

Seminar - "Raising Bilingual children" 9/Feb.

Carnival 23/March

Festa Junina 29/Jun

Dia das Criancas 19/Oct.

Festa de encerramento: 8/Dec

Carnaval-Mirim (Bailinho de carnaval)
When: Saturday, 23/March/2019 - FROM 4pm to 7pm
Where: 10, Moreton st. Paddington
How much: AU$8 adults and AU$6 children
Where to buy tickets: ONLY ONLINE 
Festa Junina
When: Saturday, 29/June/2019
Where: to be defined
How much: 25 per family (from 3 to 5 members -- must be related by family-ties, not friendship) or
                    10 single ticket.
What to bring: a plate to share (Nuts free)
Dia das crianças
When: Saturday, 19/October/2019
Where: to be defined
How much: to be defined
What to bring: a plate to share (Nuts free), a pre-loved toy to exchange, books and school material to donate.

Projeto Raízes Brasileiras

affiliated to ABRASSO Inc.

10, Moreton st. Paddington

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