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Raising bilingual children and maintaining their heritage language is a combined work between family, community and school (Moroni & Gomes, 2018).


Raízes Brasileiras gives seminars to parents and teachers of heritage languages, educating them on ways to raise bilingual children in a monolingual system. The coordinator also organises regular meeting with parents to involve them in pedagogical decisions.


Raízes Brasileiras together with ABRASSO work to involve students in the Brazilian community to offer activities, performances, and services exclusively in Portuguese. Students practice language in context, whereas the community enjoy quality moments of immersion in Portuguese.


Raízes Brasileiras develops and implements a learning pathway that complements children's education in Portuguese language. The program focus on culture, school subjects, literature, and creativity to improve communication skills. 

Learning  Pathway

Groups are called "Universo", referring to the communicative universes of each age range.

Children at the Universo do Descobrir are discovering the world around them. They learn to communicate in the language spoken at home, developing linguistic and cultural bounds between their parents. At this group, teachers lead parents to interact exclusively in Portuguese to their children. 

  At the Universo do Brincar, children start to imagine a wider world and enjoy interacting with other children. At this group, teachers stimulate the children to interact to each other exclusively in Portuguese. Children may be introduced to letters and reading.

At the Universo do Escrever, children understand that there is a Portuguese-speaking world beyond their homes and that writing is part of their daily communication

 At he Universo do Adquirir children are developing a second language essentially at the school environment. This groups is designed for children who are proficient in English, but not in Portuguese, and who don't have Portuguese spoken at home.

Investing in Education
Universo - New  students
Enrollment fee: AU$ 95  (annually)
Term fees:
  • Descobrir: AU$ 100 (Saturdays, indoors)
  • Brincar: AU$110
  • Escrever: AU$140
Universo - Continuing  students
Students enrolled in the previous year pay the same price as last year and have AU$5 discount on the annual fee.
Playgroup Educativo (outdoors)
Enrollment fee: AU$50 (annual)
Term fee: AU$80  (each term) or
Single meeting: AU$10 (per day)
Bilingual Drama 
Students enrolled in a Universo course pay only an additional fee of AU$35 per term.
Students enrolled only in the Bilingual Drama course:
Enrollment fee: AU$95 (annual)
Term fee: AU$140 (each term)
Siblings have 10% discount on the smallest fee.
ABRASSO's members
ABRASSO's members (family member) have AU$5  discount on the annual fee (for continuing and new students).
Enrollment & Payment

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Venues and Time

Meet The Team

Dr Lilian Fleuri

Pedagogical Coordinator and project director .

PhD in Linguistics. 

Flavia Santiago


storyteller, biologist, and artist, post-grad student in education at QUT.

Elizabete Novaes


educator, psychologist, studding counselling.

Daniele Marques


professional educator,

language student in Australia.

Rafael Oliveira


biologist, and visual communicator, and photographer.

Our Sponsors

Sponsors can contribute with in-kind donations, services, or stipend. Contact us, and talk on ways to help Raizes Brasileiras to continue delivering lessons and community activities to help children of the Latin American community of QLD to grow bilingual.