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Who I am and how I can help you

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Qualification & Achieviments

Dr Lilian Fleuri has over 25 years of experience teaching languages, culture, history, theater, and primary school topics based on the Australian Curriculum. She has helped over a thousand private students, including adults and children, to reach their language learning goals. Dr. Fleuri has delivered dozens of seminars and workshops on linguistic and cultural topics and consulted and developed four community projects in Queensland. In addition,  Lilian also worked as a nanny and personal educator for children of all ages.


  • Teaching languages

  • Tutoring primary school students

  • Nanny or personal education

  • Linguistic research


  • Completed the following degrees:

    • Bachelor of Languages and Cultures

    • Master of Critical Translation Studies

    • PhD in Corpus Linguistics

  • Lectured at the following universities:

    • The University of Queensland

    • Middlebury College

    • Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

  • Presented at seminars, workshops, and conferences

  • Taught theater and English language to primary and secondary students in Brazil

  • Developed and executed community projects, including:

    • Community Language School: Projeto Raizes Brasileiras

    • Latin Choir Brisbane

  • Consulted for community organizations, including:

    • Lazos Latinos (Brisbane)

    • Aquarela (Gold Coast)

  • Published over 10 academic articles and books for learning Portuguese

  • Worked as a book editor, translator, and reviser.

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  • Online lessons in Portuguese, Spanish, English, and Latin-American culture, history, and politics.

  • iB and Celpe-Bras exam prep,

  • Primary school tutoring, 

  • trilingual nanny services available in North Brisbane.






Linguistic research and community development:

  • Consultation services,

  • seminars and workshops,

  • cultural events development, and

  • linguistic research project assistance.

  • Academic and literary translations in English/Portuguese and Spanish/Portuguese.

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